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Latest projects

  • ruci (04/19/2013 01:39 pm)

    Remote uci config management for OpenWrt
    Lets you backup and keep a versioned history of the /overlay directory on OpenWrt nodes,
    and push mass changes in a reliable, fail-safe way.

    You can clone this repo from http://hg.altermundi.net/ruci/

    Please see the Wiki for more information....

  • altermesh-packages (04/10/2013 06:39 pm)


    Small script that collects info (network settings, wifi stations, etc) from a router, and sends it to a map server.


    Provides a web interface for the map server


    Minimal form to change hostname and other basic settings...

  • altermesh-gui (03/22/2013 03:01 pm)

    Interfaz web para la configuración básica y minima del nodo

  • chef (11/12/2012 03:11 pm)

    Chef de Firmwares AlterMesh a medida

    Mercurial repository http://hg.altermundi.net/alterchef/

  • altermap (10/09/2012 05:54 am)

    AlterMap is a very lightweight but flexible free network mapping and visualization solution.

    You can clone this repo from http://hg.altermundi.net/altermap/

    Please see the Wiki for more information.